DEEP MANGAL NUTRI-FOODS LLP Blog Latest Products Wed, 24 Jul 2024 23:22:44 +0530 en-us Discussion About Benefits and Facts of Corn Flakes Mon, 24 Jan 2022 17:40:22 +0530 We all have the habit of taking breakfast cereals. The corn flakes are popularly known as packaged cereal with toasted flakes and served with milk & sugar.    These processed cereals with milled corns provide easier consumption of nutrients, vitamins. We cannot process it faster with non-milled counter products. The Maize Flakesare crunchy and later soften by the bowl of hot milk. The typical flakes come with butter, pomegranate, watermelon, and a lot of other flavours as well.    The fact of Maize Flakes: If you want to know about its unknown facts, you should explore its major ingredients. These include sugar, milled corn, high fructose syrup made with corn, iron, vitamins, etc. These are also rich in thiamine and a lot of minerals.    Thiamine processes our energy production, metabolism, and cognitive activities. As maize flakes are found without fibre, you should add some fruit flavour to it or consume raw fruits in your bowl.    The packaged corn flakes put our shortcut breakfast very convincing without making it heavy. It adds enough calories to focus on our office work. Additional add-ons and mixtures make the flakes healthy and flavoured.    Health Benefits: Cornflakes and cereals make perfect utilisation of our short-time regular breakfast. But some people may raise the question of whether it is healthy! Well, there is a big yes to it if you go ahead with its benefits and your inner feeling after consumption.    Nutritional Value: It is not only the fastest breakfast ever, but also a full pack of folate minerals, vitamins, proteins, dietary fibre, and carbohydrates. For pregnant women, folate is quite important to generate new cells. It also hinders the production of colon cancer and heart ailments.    If you are intaking it with fruits and veggies, it would add fibre and prevent many colons &constipation ailments. The ironcontent present in Natural Maize Flakes keeps our brain healthy and puts our blood level at optimum level as well. More nutritional value is added via vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and lutein.    Recovery from Heart Diseases: If we consume a low-fat diet comprising of corn flakes, it will keep us away from unhealthy and fried foods. It ensures that our bad cholesterol level is within the threshold limit, and we are free from heart disease and alerts.    Protein-Rich Food: Whenever we take corn flakes with milk, we get the protein we want for regulating hormones and enzymes, growing immunity, maintenance of RBC structure, recovery of lost body tissues. Even when you mix it with almonds or honey, further benefits are added to the list.    Maintenance of Lungs Health:Corn flakes promote lungs health through carotenoids. You may not find yourself with faulty lungs if you have regular addition of corn flakes in breakfast or evening snacks.   Weight Loss Diet:If you are concerned about your weight loss, you must consider the food intake rule as the highest priority. Corn flakes are the easy escape from picking the huge weight and losing some with certain exercise routines as well.    Get informed about its eating rules via another blog. Rice Grits, The Best Natural Food for Your Health Fri, 25 Mar 2022 11:58:06 +0530 Rice Grits are mainly known as middlings or broken rice. It is easy to chew and then absorb with gritty smoothness. Even it goes delicious with gravy and sauces.    It has been the daily meal option for old-aged people who hardly consumes hardcore mills in their lunch and dinner. The refined polished product makes no compromise to its fibre and nutritional content.    While making a huge export of rice & its by-products all over India, it should be made sure not to waste the shorter grains as well. The broken rice has hence become the stable food of low country people, especially for slum areas.    Aside from the conventional view, it has high popularity across Asia to try multi-cuisine dishes and do some experiments in newly added foods in restaurants. It is found as the main cuisine of Vietnam, Senegal, and Bangladesh.    About Rice Grits in India: It feels the same as the rice bowl, but the texture is somehow different. It resembles sticky porridge.  You may mix it with gravy or good sauce, or another option is to absorb it via egg yolk and other snacks. People regularly buy it from authenticated suppliers from where they have assurance about its premium quality and superior nutritional contents.    While you may have any kind of customized packaging options, you should buy it with a 50 Kg pack via Laminated HDPE bags.    Reliable Quality of Rice Grits in Gujarat: The Rice Grits in Gujarat has a big name as per their product expertise and suitable home delivery service without charging more than its threshold rate. The upgradation and modification of our daily meal items have been passed through modern technologies and internal monitoring systems as well.   The maximum satisfaction comes from its flavour and taste, especially on the lunch menu. Even some lemon or mint flavour addition may do the magic in the business. The uplifting of its quality is all about its adaptability in the recent competition.    Several varieties with mixed flavour and polishing are also available as per your choice. If you want to buy the best one, you will have the best refined and polished quality. For mediocre packaging, it is also good, but you may need to put extra time to filter out some dust and grains if any.    But on a global view, there is no concern regarding its safety and efficient applications.    Before purchasing the rice grits from the nearby market, we must check their texture consistency and granule accuracy. If it is then only believed in the brand, otherwise leave it.    As per the norms, it is adequately monitored by professionals before dispatching to the market stores. The huge base of clientele would not make it wrong.    It is manufactured with bulk quantity as the subpart of long-grain rice grains. As per the great view among the customers, everyone whether he is rich, or poor adapt this food as their full-time meal.    It shows better digestion and efficiency in our stomach after absorbing it. Get to reach the vendors and exporters for more details.